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The German Cultural Societies

German Memorial Fountain German Heritage Society German Friendly Society Georgia Salzburger Society
Savannah German Memorial Fountain

Located in Orleans Square on Barnard Street is a beautiful fountain donated to the citizens of Savannah by the three German Societies serving the Savannah area.

The German Heritage Society of Savannah

The German Heritage was founded in 1965 and is composed of native-born Germans and direct lineal male descendants of German men or women. To cherish the recollections of our heritage and the birthplace of ourselves and our forefathers. To promote good fellowship among Germans and their descendants. To encourage patriotic loyalty to and support our city, state, and country to perpetuate the culture, historical, linguistic, and scientific influence of “Deutschland”.

                                     The German Friendly Society of Savannah GA

Conditions arising from the influx of new German immigrants led to the organization of the German Friendly Society of Savannah on July 26, 1837. Immigrants coming to this country, handicapped for a time by language, dissociated from relatives and family friends, were in need of some assurance that in time of illness or need they would have friends and financial support. Friendship was not reserved for times of ill-fortune alone. The promotion of social good feeling and fellowship came to be and has continued to be one of the fundamental objectives and attainments of the organization.



                                The Georgia Salzburger Society

The Georgia Salzburger Society was established in 1925. It has a membership of over seventeen hundred throughout the United States including some international members. The Society’s activities are organized around preserving the history and traditions of the early immigrants from Salzburg who settled at Old Ebenezer and New Ebenezer as well as genealogical research recording and publication of the records regarding these original immigrant ancestors.

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